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You Are Not Alone

February 1, 2009

Kidney transplantation has been going on since the 50’s and the technology has gotten so much better even in just the recent past. My plans for this blog are to keep ordinary folks up-to-speed on what the medical field has done and is doing to make this disease ultimately as curable or as preventable as polio or cancer. Don’t forget, cancer used to be a death sentence. Now, people talk about long-term remission every day. And I’ll just bet you’d have a hard time finding a kid who has ever heard of polio.

Part of the problem with “selling” the need for a cure or getting people to feel urgent about kidney disease and organ donation is that people can function with bad kidneys for a long time and not look sick. Further, if the kidneys do fail, there is dialysis, which allows people to function when without it, they would not be with us.  All things being equal, I’m glad I’m not waiting for a heart or lungs. Can I get an amen?